30 June 2012

Joanne Woffinden at RCA Graduate Show 2012 London

Highlight from the  RCA Graduate Show 2012 London - Concrete artist Joanne Woffinden's work worth to mention.

I loved this item / she was the definitely one of the most mature ceramic works at the Royal College of Arts Graduate show in London today.

Influenced by subtle tensions, which lie within the space,  light and shadow of architectural form,  she intends to create a relationship between surfaces and  forms,   which  can  alter our  perception  of space.

Her current work synthesises influences taken from contemporary  architecture  and  the  underlying currents, which unfold Baroque structures.
Through  the  use  of  the  curve,  she  has explored ways  to  create  a  spatial  flow  between planes and  lines,   which  disrupt  and  work  with  simple geometry.    She would  like  to  invite  the  viewer  to  engage with space in new ways. 


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  2. I'm a student of RVS School of Architecture studying 2nd year............. as i was searching for a different shape in 6th sence i got this......... the design is superb...........